Passport to the National Parks

Posted on April 1st, 2019 in News

Whenever you go to a national park or national monument, you can commemorate your visit by collecting a stamp in your Passport to the National Parks®. There are multiple stamps available at Sequoia National Park, and some are accessible via the Sequoia Shuttle. It’s a great way to remember all of your past visits!


The Passport to the National Parks is a booklet that allows you to mark your national park visit with a special stamp, called a cancellation. Each park has a unique stamp, and some even have multiple stamps for various stops within the park. The stamp will include the park name and specified location, as well as the date of your visit.

There are multiple versions of the passport available, depending on whether you occasionally stop by a national park or you’re a regular explorer of parks around the country. The Junior Ranger edition is perfect for pint-sized adventurers. Parents will love that this passport helps to engage children with their surroundings, and kids will love collecting their own stamps and completing the activities.

There are annual sticker sets that go along with the passports, too, featuring picturesque images of parks and monuments from every region. Sequoia National Park was featured as the National Stamp on the 1990 sticker page, which can still be purchased online. There are also patches, pins and other memorabilia available at the park and online.

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The free Passport Companion mobile app allows you to find the location of every cancellation and make plans to visit parks in the future. All of the cancellation locations are listed online, as well. In Sequoia National Park, you can get a stamp at the Lodgepole Visitors Center and the Giant Forest Museum, which are on the Sequoia Shuttle route, as well as Mineral King, Crystal Cave, and the Foothills Visitor Center.

Be sure to post photos of your Sequoia National Park cancellation with the hashtags #SequoiaShuttle and #StampSequoia and share your favorite memory from that visit for the chance to be featured on Sequoia Shuttle’s social media channels. Happy cancellation hunting, explorers!