5 Sights to See

Posted on May 1st, 2019 in News

Sequoia Shuttle’s 2019 season begins on Thursday, May 23! Here are five sights and stops you won’t want to miss this season.

1. General Sherman Tree

The General Sherman Tree at Sequoia National Park is the largest tree in the world by volume, calculated to be over 52,500 cubic feet, while also being one of the tallest, widest and oldest living trees on Earth! Sequoia Shuttle’s Lower Sherman Tree stop will take you the closest to the tree, but it can also be accessed by the General Sherman Tree Trail and the Big Trees Trail. || Route 1, Green Route, Lower Sherman Tree Stop

2. Moro Rock

While short, this 0.5-mile trail is no light stroll, as visitors will need to venture up more than 300 stone steps to reach the top of Moro Rock. The trek is well worth the work, as the view of the Great Western Divide to the west and the Generals Highway to the south will take your breath away. || Route 2, Grey Route, Moro Rock Stop

3. Wuksachi Lodge

Built in 1999, the Wuksachi Lodge is Sequoia National Park’s signature hotel. This iconic cedar-and-stone structure features a cocktail bar, full-service restaurant, ski shop and over 100 guest rooms. Picturesque views melded with modern amenities make this gateway location a must-see for visitors. || Route 3, Purple Route, Wuksachi Lodge Stop

4. Tharp’s Log

Named after the area’s first non-Native American resident, Hale Tharp, Tharp’s Log is the park’s oldest cabin, dating back to the 1860s. This fallen tree was originally hollowed out by fire, but Tharp transformed it into his summer home by building a cabin extension with a fireplace, a door, and a window at the wider end. || Route 2, Grey Route, Crescent Meadow Stop

5. Congress Trail

Congress Trail is a relaxed two-mile loop, perfect for beginner hikers and families with small children. This trail features some of the most famous trees in the park, including the President Tree, Chief Sequoyah, General Lee, General McKinley, and the House and Senate Groups. It is also paved and, therefore, stroller and wheelchair accessible. || Route 1, Green Route, Upper & Lower Sherman Tree Stop