Wheelchair Accessible Trails and Attractions

DSC_0548Sequoia Shuttle prides itself on being a mode of transportation that provides everyone with affordable, convenient access to Sequoia National Park, and a huge part of that effort is wheelchair accessibility on all shuttles. Once passengers arrive at the park, there are numerous trails and attractions that offer wheelchair accessibility, and guests can even borrow a wheelchair for free at the visitor centers. Many park features can also be enjoyed while on the shuttle — no hiking needed. These tips will help groups with differing mobility needs get the most out of their trip. So don’t hesitate – come, explore and enjoy the wonders of Sequoia National Park!

Visitor Centers
All visitor centers and museums have paved, flat paths leading from parking areas to information desks, exhibits, bookstores and restrooms. Wheelchairs may be borrowed at no cost at Kings Canyon Visitor Center, Lodgepole Visitor Centers and the Giant Forest Museum. They can be used anywhere in the parks but must be returned by the end of the day, before each visitor center closes. The visitors desks will have more information, but be prepared to provide your name, address and phone number.

Trails and Park Features
Trails that are wheelchair accessible include:

Some trails are paved but have running or cross slopes that are slightly steeper; they may be accessible, depending on individual abilities:

Many park features are easily visible from the highway and can be enjoyed while driving, including: